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Cheaper Flight is a global integrated leading online travel portal who help millions of travelers around the globe make confident travel decisions when it comes to flight and hotel bookings, with low airfares on international and domestic flights from all your favourite airlines. We search and compare real-time prices on flights, hotels and cars so you can find the cheapest, quickest and best travel deals.

We are free, unbiased and we never charge travellers commission. Million of travelers around the world trust us each month to help them find the best flights and hotels for them. Available online and through our app, we can help you find inspiration for your next trip as well as the best travel deals. Cheaper Flight was founded in November 2016 with the aims to revolutionize human mobility with technology.

Best time to book cheap flights: generally speaking you should book as early as possible, if you find a cheap ticket book it.

Flight ticket prices vary greatly between airlines and routes because of season and time.

Dynamic pricing also causes prices to increase and decrease – being based on supply and demand.

We are asked frequently why some fares can rise in price in a matter of hours.

What happens is that when other users search for a flight and find a cheap flight ticket, they start booking at that price and the price rises. So once again, for best flight deals, book in advance or if you are not afraid of waiting in airport terminals, book last minute deals.

Can you trust Cheaper Flight? Yes you can Trust us. The suppliers connected to our system are governed by a contract with us as regards the payment method they use and what requirements we have of their customer services. We operate comparison services worldwide and our users conduct millions of searches for tickets and bookings every month.

We aim to help you find the cheapest flight tickets and best deals possible and we only work with suppliers who meet with our high standards.